The Northwest Care Team is a group of volunteers within the Northwest Community Church body who specifically pray for and assist with needs of other brothers and sisters within our body of believers. We want to take care of each other and help each other walk through the good, bad and ugly that sometimes life throws at all of us. Whether this is providing some meals to new parents, visiting someone who is in the hospital, or simply praying or sending words of encouragement to someone who is struggling at the moment, Care Team is here to walk with you through it all! But in order to help, we have to know the need! Please contact us through the button below, and let us know when a need arises with you or a fellow brother or sister within our body, and someone will be in touch. We want to serve each other and love each other well as we follow Christ.  If you're interested in serving on the Care Team, you may also let us know that through the Prayer tab, or speak directly with Ashley Salmons after services on Sundays.