The Wisdom Flywheel

"What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!" Imagine if God asked you that question. How would you answer? Would you ask God for wealth? Better looks? More influence or popularity? Maybe true love?




In 1 Kings 3:5-15 God asks that same question to a man named Solomon. We are privileged to see the way Solomon responded because he answered the question exactly right! And as a result, God allowed Solomon to experience the momentum of the wisdom flywheel as a young leader. 

1 Kings 1-10

Instead of being motivated by selfish desires, Solomon asked God for an understanding heart, for wisdom, and for discernment in leadership. It was a request God was thrilled to answer! Then in 1 Kings 4-10 Solomon serves as one of the greatest examples of godly wisdom and effectiveness in human history as the wisdom flywheel began to turn.

This week reflect on Solomon, the Wisdom Flywheel, and 1 Kings. Download the connect sheet, and experience God-fueled wisdom and effectiveness. To learn more about the Wisdom Flywheel and how you can experience it in your own life be sure to listen to this week's podcast and make plans to join us this Sunday at Northwest for week 2 of the Way of Wisdom.